Welcome to class!!!

My name is Eli Rodriguez I am 18 years old and I speek spanish and english.

I'm a senior in Eureka county high school. I'm planing to attend great basin college.

I like to help other people learn new languages.

Mi nombre ws eli rodriguez yo tengo 18 anos y ablo ingles y espanol. estoy en el 12 y atendo eureka county high school. yo planeo attender Great basin college. me gusta alludar a hente que quiere aprender 2 idiomas.

As you can tell i like to be friends with allot of people well this is my sister and i look up for her she also helps me teach spanish or english.

como pueden ver ami me gusta aser amigos/as pero esta es mi ermana y yo miro por ella.. ella tambien me a ayudado en ensenar ingles y espanol.

you can also talk to me thrue yahoo mail at elisangela_rodriguez@yahoo.com or at gmail cholita2011@gmail.com.                                                                                 Me pueden contactar en yahoo a elisangela_rodriguez@yahoo.com oh a gmail a cholita2011@gmail.com                                                                                           i will have words of the week and also quizes for you guys you would have to send the answers to my email i will send you your grades i promis with me as your teacher you will learn ether inglish or spanish.

tendre palabras de la semana y tambien pruebas para ustedes tendran que mandar las respuestas a my email y yo mandare sus resultados a ustedes.. prometo yo como su maestra que van a aprender espanol o ingles.

when sending an email for joining please put for online spanish/enlosh class.

al mandar su email para tener classes pongan spanish/englis.

thank you/ grasias

         Eli Rodriguez

words of the week

http://englishmaven.org/HP6/Beginning%20Sentence%20Completion%20Exercise%201.htm vallan a este web site y envien me sus contestaciones a mi email. solamente agan extercise 1. haora vallan al mismo website peo agan extersice 2 y 3


today I want you to go to any link you know about the importance of learning spanish and english and also the importance about the bilingual language you need to know to get a good paying job.